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'Kate's Journal': 21.02.10
'Kate's Journal': 21.02.10
'Kate's Journal': 21.02.10
'Kate's Journal': 27.02.10
'Kate's Journal': 27.02.10
'Kate's Journal': 05.04.10
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October / Breast Cancer Awareness Month / Exhibition Info:

'Kate's Journal'

Freelance photographer Astrid Schulz is exhibiting a series of 15 images, showing a personal story of the different stages of breast cancer treatment - in the best positive way possible!

The exhibition takes place from 17 - 22 October 2011 at 'The Underground Gallery',
The Strand, Charing Cross Underground Station Exit 9, London WC2N 4HZ

Gallery Opening times: Monday to Saturday, 12pm – 6pm
Opening event: Tuesday, 18 October 2011, 6pm – 8.30pm
Three special events including subject related talks:
- 'Style and Confidence' on Wednesday, 19 October, 6pm – 8.30pm
- 'Emotional Support' on Thursday, 20 October, 2pm - 4.30pm
- Free 'Photo Session' for breast cancer patients on Saturday, 22 October, 12pm – 6pm

Statement for 'Kate’s Journal'
This project describes the different stages of breast cancer treatment. ‘Kate’s journal’ started in January 2010 when she got diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite her devastation she turned to me and asked if I could take some pictures of her, remembering the way she was before the operation. I suggested continuing the photo sessions during the different phases of treatment until full recovery. It was not always easy to plan ahead or to schedule a date, but we managed to shot on average once a month.

Before each session we discussed the different circumstances and moods Kate was in. Some situations needed to be recreated, but we deliberately wanted to take these impressions away from the clutter of her home or hospital and brought the story into a studio. The idea was to fully concentrate on the emotions Kate was dealing with at the time. The background colours are supporting Kate’s moods; they are her reflections of ‘feeling blue’ or ‘grumpy’, ‘vulnerable’ or ‘hopeful’.

In order to complete the insight of the whole process we have also taken a series of still life images, featuring the vast amount of medication, alternative food products, new items of clothing and gel prosthesis’ etc. However, the aim is to focus on a positive outcome. We are wishing to give other cancer patient (and their next of kin) an insight into the treatment with a supportive note: it can be done and there is always a way to get through life changing health issues. We want to create a story of hope rather than the impression of doom & glum.

Consequently, the next step was to make this series available to the public by having an exhibition during October's ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ month. Our venue is in Central London nearby Charring Cross Station. Furthermore we are planning special events during the duration of the show and a free photography sessions for breast cancer patience on Saturday, 22nd October.

Astrid Schulz, a London photographer, has produced a very sensitive and high quality documentary photo project of her friend's breast cancer treatment. (Stefanie Reichelt - ArtCell Gallery, Cancer Research UK, Cambridge)

Very striking photographs, well done. (Rhoda White - Amoena UK Ltd.)

‘Kate’s Journal’ photo collection tells a very moving story and I’m so glad Astrid and Kate collaborated to make a very emotional and truthful piece of work. The photos and Kate’s story could provide a wonderful platform from which to discuss important breast cancer issues and raise awareness about the diversity of experience women with the same disease go through (Ashley Johnson - Breast Cancer Care)

I must say that these images are incredible, and very sensitive. (Bill Roy - Director of 'The Underground Gallery', Charring Cross)

This is a series of images that tells my story with a sensitive combination of honesty and subtlety. The photographer has captured a rawness without using any imagery with inherent shock value. The subject of the series, breast cancer, is portrayed without direct reference to it. In this way the viewer senses rather than sees it impact. This is a compelling exhibition (Kate Sims)

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‘Kate’s Journal’

'Kate's Journal': 21.02.10